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Increase Profit and Optimize Payment Method Mix

Payment Optimization

  • Comprehensive Pricing Analysis of Existing & New Providers
  • Reduce Processing Fees
  • Authorization Rate Analysis & Benchmarking
  • Access Local Payment Methods & Currencies

Processor Setup

  • Priority Onboarding & Compliance Flexibility
  • Multiple Payment Service Provider Setup
  • No code & Light-touch Technical Integrations
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Save Time & Reduce Mistakes
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Provider Timeline

Save time, focus on what you do best and let 30 years of experience guide you to the best payment service provider

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The Risk Of Doing it Alone

  • The excess time spent.
  • Uncertainty of who's behind the sales representative.
  • Will my terms change in the future?
  • Will my rates change?
  • Is performance going to suffer?
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Case studies and results

stars 5.00 (Based on customer Reviews)

Felix Kleine
Brandize GmbH

“Navigating the world of payments on top of building your business can be a massive undertaking. My advice, deal with the issue as quickly as possible and have Lars and Mike in your corner. The longer you wait, the more it will cost you in the end. It's been no hassle for me and the savings are massive."

Mohammed A.
Merchant wants to stay undisclosed and we respect this

"We were in a situation where both our Stripe and PayPal had placed significant rolling reserves, which froze our business operations. It was a totally helpless situation. Until we came across COMPAYTENCE. These guys were able to provide us with alternative credit card and PayPal solutions, which allowed us to immediately and smoothly resume our business operations as if nothing ever happened."

Koray Alic

"Fortunately, we met Lars and Mike at exactly the right time. Due to strong scaling, we were confronted with massive problems that everyone in e-commerce is familiar with: withholdings, payout stops, permanent reviews. With their help, we were able to solve our liquidity problems within a couple of days and were finally able to focus fully on what was relevant and our day-to-day business again. Without them, we wouldn't be where we are today. Thank you very much!"

How to get the best payment conditions and increase your profits


Step 1

Free Analysis and Performance Review

In the first step, we we will review your processing history to calculate an initial estimate of your potential savings. In addition, we will verify areas of opportunity to convert more customers and improve performance.


Step 2


In your meeting with Lars or Michael, you'll receive intensive advice and explore savings options and potential changes.

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Step 3

Onboarding and setup

We will access our providers to see which is the best fit for your business from a cost, performance and technical perspective. Once we all agree, we will proceed with onboarding.

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